Nonlinear oscillations of a buckled mechanism used as a vibration isolator


Various devices have been used to reduce the dynamic response of mechanical and structural systems connected to moving sources. A vibration isolator can be inserted between a system and source to absorb energy and reduce the system's motion. The application of a buckled mechanism as a vibration isolator is investigated here. Harmonic motion is applied to the base, and the response of the supported weight is examined. Both parametric and external (forcing) excitations are present. Small applied motions and responses are considered first, and the steady-state harmonic motion of the weight is plotted as a function of the applied frequency. Then large responses are investigated. The buckled mechanism may snap from one side to the other. After some initial transient response, period-one, period-two, period-four, and chaotic responses are observed for various applied frequencies and given values of the applied amplitude, supported weight, damping coefficient, and stiffness parameter. © 2005 Springer.