Group Members


Lawrence N. Virgin

Lawrence N. Virgin

Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science

PhD Students

Chip  Cervi

Chip Cervi

Current PhD student

Yawen  Xu

Yawen Xu

PhD Student


Sage  Cooley

Sage Cooley

Undergraduate researcher


Earl H. Dowell

Earl H. Dowell

William Holland Hall Distinguished Professor

Horst  Ecker

Horst Ecker

Univ.-Prof. DI Dr., Technical University of Vienna

Henri P. Gavin

Henri P. Gavin

Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Giles  Hunt

Giles Hunt

Emeritus Professor, University of Bath

Robert E. Kielb

Robert E. Kielb

Director, GUIde Consortium

Tod  Laursen

Tod Laursen

President, State University of New York Poly, Utica, NY

Boonchai  Phungpaingam

Boonchai Phungpaingam

Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi

Ray  Plaut

Ray Plaut

Emeritus Professor, Virginia Tech

Shane  Ross

Shane Ross

Professor, Virginia Tech

Ilinca  Stanciulescu

Ilinca Stanciulescu

Associate Professor, Rice University

J Michael T  Thompson

J Michael T Thompson

Emeritus Professor, Cambridge University

Thomas Peter Witelski

Thomas Peter Witelski

Professor in the Department of Mathematics

Benjamin  Yellen

Benjamin Yellen

Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science

Former Graduate Students

Phil  Bayly

Phil Bayly

Professor and Chair, Washington University in St. Louis

Chris  Begley

Chris Begley

Engineering consultant

Hui  Chen

Hui Chen

Aerospace Engineer, Gulfstream

Mark  Conner

Mark Conner

High School Teacher, Alabama

Ziquan  Dai

Ziquan Dai

Former Masters student, now pursuing a PhD in Singapore

Ben  Davis

Ben Davis

Associate Professor, University of Georgia

Pompiliu  Donescu

Pompiliu Donescu

Software consultant

Chris  George

Chris George

Engineer, Bechtel Corporation